Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well--at the close of 2010--
I did an "inventory" of my "uncompleted" projects--
and I have scared myself "silly"!!!!!
I was even "surprised" by how many ufo's I have--
so needless to say--
I will be very busy this next year--
just doing them!!!!

I am listing them all here--
First--some real "oldies"
#01--Class project at Quilt shop--2009
       Dresden Plate--Frogs
#02 Class project at the shop 2009
     Hand piecing==Hexagons

#03 just something I wanted to make--
     Crabapple Hill pattern
#04  another project of mine that I started--
    Baskets of posies--
#05 another project from the shop--this has been started for the hand quilting--am wanting to finish it--this might be from 2008??? 30's blocks
#06 and we know this is an old one--more like 2005 that I got the pattern--
have done some work on it over the years--but this year seen me sewing the blocks together???
this 1930's quilt is all hand quilted and the binding is on it!!!
This one finished--Jan. 2011
     Homespun birdies

#07 got this kit last year --even got lots of fabric to do them--
but have changed my mind--but still want to make it!!

#08  I started this one long before it was all over the Internet--
and have worked on it now off and on for 2 years--but???  A Gardner's Journal
#09--this is a Sunbonnet Sue from 2008--I am sure--all the blocks are done--
just waiting to be put together---
#10 this was one I was getting in the mail--probably in 2008-9--have it half done and the rest of the blocks are all prepped--Orchids
#11--again this is another one from a monthly mailing--only have one block done--
can't decide if I want to continue it in the yellow/blue or go with different colors??  Birds

#12--this was a bom at the quilt shop in 2008-- I have some of the blocks done--but there is alot yet to do on this one--Select Six
#13--and as you can see--I have also started this on in 30's prints??? 2nd Select Six


From the Internet--
#14--Stringybark Farm--by missy mack
I love doing these and coloring them in with pencils--have 2-3 more blocks prepped--but missy mack has also not finished this series--from 2009
#15 Probably one of the first ones I did on the internet--Verandah Views
just love these--and they are all done??
#16 another one from last year--2009--
Shabby Roses by Jenny--
have 3 more blocks to do--I believe??
#17  from the Internet--there was alot of birdhouses in this one-- and I have done alot of them--so not sure where I am in this one--Sindy's Birdhouses
#18 another from Internet--I think I was not able to get the last one or two--
and I have 1-2 yet to do that I have the patterns for--cute!!Friendship Garden

#19--from Tozz's corner--all these blocks are done--just awaitin??  From the Heart
this years--2010--Ufo's

#20 Snowbound--think I have 2-3 more blocks to do--
#21--another one of Tozz's--but these blocks are also done!!  Flirting with Flowers
#22 this is from Alice and Joy--all the blocks are done--
      Fruits of the Spirit
#23 this one is from Val's--and all these blocks are done??   Gifts of Grace
#24 -and this is the Sentimental Journey series from Michelle May and I still have the last one to do--you finished these as you went along--soooo

 this one is all done now=Jan 2011

#25  and don't forget the "cat" of the year--Brutus--think I need to do one more of these--
#26  This is called "Vicksburg"--think there is 10-12 blocks to this one--
me has "2" done!!!
#27 this is the block everyother Monday on jelly roll by Moose club--Rural Jardin

#28  and this one is the snowball quilt using
the '12 days of Christmas' line
in the layer cakes I won--
#29 and this one I paid for for a 6 months pattern--
have gotten one done--can't wait to do more!!
   The American Schoolgirl Club

 #30---I have at least---20 tops all put together and they now need to hand quilted or something!!!!!


AND--I still want/need to do these--
 ==still have not had time to play with the 60 degree ruler--

and some regular "hexagon's"---I want to make some flower hexie's like everybody is!!!!

 PLUS lots of patterns for all kinds of things--
PLUS I did not list any of my "wool" projects I want to do and have the patterns for--
and lots of my own ideas that I want to work up----!!!!

I think this has really tired me out--think it is "nap" time--
see ya in a while--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie(who is way ahead of me on the nap!!!!)
PS--no nap today---ouch!!!


  1. Well, I think we both have our work cut out for us. We will definitely be busy this year. I guess we just have to get to work and finish them, eh!!! We will feel a whole lot better when we have some of these done. Hugs Ariane

  2. I do believe somebunny has had lots of fun this year! What a great bunch of UFO's! Now to finish...oh my!!!
    xx, shell

  3. No napping for you! There's too much to be done. I'll be watching for finishes!