Thursday, February 10, 2011


As I stated yesterday--
when one looks at me most days--
it is hard to tell that I have so many health issues--!!
and believe it or not for all those illness I only take 2 prescriptions per month--
plus a monthly B-12 injection!!! so I am lucky there--I guess!!!
there is no medicines for the most part for the illness that attack my body!!!

Chronic Fatigue--you may know about--
I need more sleep than most people--10 or more hours--
and even after that many--I often get up exhausted--
and I have to take a nap in the late afternoon--
I can remember when I thought that  people who took naps where just plain lazy--
now I know differently--some times your body demands things from you whether you want to do them or not--you do them!!!!

Fibromyalgia most people do know about now--
it is a muscle disease-- and I call it my "traveling disease" as you never know from one day to the next what part or parts of your body will hurt and ache--it all depends on how you slept or what you did the day before mostly--but you are usually in a continual state of discomfort--you can't sit long--ride long--lay in one spot long--on and on--but you adjust somehow--you have toooo!!!

Now this illness "MCS" is totally misunderstood and most people do not believe in it--they think it is only in ones "head"--but more and more people are getting this and have this and have no idea what it is they have---
I was lucky that when I got so sick the winter of 1999--there where people in place in my life that knew about it and could help me!!
Basically I am "sensitive" to everything around me--all chemically based products--
and that is everything we use, bathe with, launder with, on and on the list goes!!!
I should not be on a computer even--but you gotta live somehow!!!!
the heat from the computer heats the wires and components inside and they put out a toxic chemical--I often have to have a fan on next to the computer blowing the fumes away from me!!  Gasoline products are horrible for me---people often have to let me out before they can pump the gas and come back and pick me up--
I have trouble with some people coming to visit because they have sooo much perfumed items on their bodies and in their clothes---some stores I have to turn around and walk right back out of them if they have alot of perfumed items in there--
and the toy section with all those plastic toys and rubber items are terrible--
I really could go and on here about the things I have reactions too--but I know you are already bored--sooooo
But I do do things--I just have tooooo!!!
I did get some better 7 years ago when I was in New Jersey visiting a friend--she lived about 10 miles from the beach--and that is really where I need to live--either way out in the mountains--or near the ocean--any body got a place for rent at either of these areas??????

This is enough of an education for tonight--
I am totally bored now!!!!!


  1. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

  2. Hello Di, I just realized you have another blog..this one..I usually visit you your quilting blog. Anyways, I like your post on it being a challange, instead of letting your illness get you down. I have fibro, was just diagnosed about a year ago. It certainly has been a journey...and a challenge...Hang it there!