Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Two real basic colors are black and white--

Now I have never really cared for either color in clothes--
I never liked black on me--they say it is suppose to make you look "slimmer"--
well--I never thought sooooo!!!  Actually I liked navy better and still do--to the tune of denim blue now that is---
and white--again not on me---white has always made me look "washed" out--
so have always wore off-white--that seems to make my 'cheeks' look more colorful!!!

Now when we come to decorating--

there is black and there is white!!!!
If you look at the country magazines--
you will see that black pieces of furniture are in now--
and to be really 'hip' you need to have a couple pieces of black in your home--
so remember when I got this piece???
Well lil sister insisted I have some black--
but guess what "blog friends"--
I do not like black furniture in my home---
yep--ain't that the bummmer!!!

Now white on the other hand I do like in my home--
I have decided--maybe I am seeing too much "white" on all the decorating channels here on the Internet--but--
NO--I like white curtains at the windows I have decided--
and I want to do the wicker chairs in white--
I also like brown wood furniture--so don't get too worried that I am going to get carried away here and turn everything I own into "white"---
I love color too!!!!
Now the funny thing is--as I am country in my decorating--
I really should be using off white or a beige color--
even for the curtains--
but I want to use white!!!!

Black or white--
which do you like and why????


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  1. Well first off it is YOUR HOME so you need to do what YOU like/love. As far as I know there are no design police going to come and ticket ya!;-)
    Use whatever colors, fabrics ,nick knacks,etc. that makes you happy in your home. I do have black pieces and love them with my reds and golds. My home is more softprimcountryfarmhouse...hahahaa!
    Now my sewing room is light and airy creamy white and soft green.
    Go for it!