Monday, February 14, 2011


The one thing I have "learned" since I got soo sick and housebound is--
you can have one of two attitudes--
you can either "cry why me--this is sooo horrible"
you can decide it is a "challenge" to see just how "normal" you can live with all the things that are wrong with you--
and you can count to 100 before you "shot" someone for telling you for the 100th time that there is nothing "wrong" with you as you look just fine--even though at that point you are having all you can do to just stand up straight!!!!

Having the MCS is what has really changed my life the most--
You have to take control and learn about everything in your life--
and I mean everything--
everything you wear--
everything you eat--yes--even that counts--
everything you use to wash or do housework with--
everywhere you go--
everything you do is now different--
You learn that what some people think of as the "healthiest" places to be --
are in fact the worse--they are really down right hazardous to our health--
You become aware of everything that you use and you have to question everything you touch---
because--everything you touch can be absorbed into your body!!!
Try holding some thing strong smelling like cinnamon in your hand for 5 minutes--
and see if you don't "taste" it in your mouth--wow!!!
we have sooo many "chemicals" in our lives now that we use normally every single day and just don't stop to think about it all--

like take cake mixes--
easy to make--
but to me--baking that in an oven can make me "sick"--
the Chemicals in the mix to keep it safe on the shelf--are toxic when cooked and breathed--go figure!!!!
I once had a nurse tell me 'How horrible for you"--
that was the day I looked at her and said--
No it is not "horrible" but it is a challenge!!!!
I am better for having this MCS and there are many things I would not use ever again--
even if by some "miracle" I got well tomorrow and could go anywhere  or once again do anything I wanted!!!

Having MCS is alot like having a handicapped child--but you are the child--
and you often are felt to feel like a child or that you are totally "stupid" or what ever--
when traveling you must take your own bedding and you have to ask the hotel/motel whatever not to use any chemicals when cleaning your room other than baking soda and vinegar--and no smelly stuff afterwards!!!!

You can't ride in brand new cars--the new smell that everybody is so crazy about--
it chemicals--dangerous to your health and mine--even A/C's in cars are bad--
they are putting out chemicals in the car---so no new cars!!!!
Vinyl --who knew that vinyl is so dangerous-- I won't have it in my house--ever!!!
vinyl is pure chemicals and it never==never gets over gassing it self out--it will always give off a "gas"---so restaurants that have vinyl table cloths are out!!!!
If a place has been newly painted-carpeted-etc--I can not go into it--so no new apartment building for me--darn!!!!

the list goes on and on--
but like I said--it can be a "fun" game if one will look at it and the fact that even though I can not do alot of things and eat alot of things--
I am healthier for it---good for me!!!!!
silly Di

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