Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I also am a "sister"--
in fact the oldest one in the family--
I have two younger sisters and--
a "baby" brother!!!
there is 3 years between each of us girls--
and 12 years between me and my brother!!!
I was the one who keep us going at the holidays--
always making us all get together as a "family" --
even when our parents spent 16 winters in Florida--
Now--nobody wants that anymore and we live too far away--
Oh how I miss having "close" family--and I don't just mean in miles here!!!

I have also been a Senior Citizen since the age of 57--
when I moved in here--which is a Senior Housing project--
and you need to be 62 yrs of age --or disabled--and that is where I have fit in!!
so I have gotten really "old" before my time--
alot of the others here are 73-93 years young--
and they are happy to just sit--literally sit all day--
they either gossip--or watch TV--
I do not do either--
I have always been one who has to be busy every minute--
whether I feel well or not--
so it is very hard for me see these poor souls wasting away!!!
But you can't get them to change or to do a thing!!!!

I guess now I should start talking about my Health issues--
as these will "play" a big part in my future--as they have for the last 12 years--
(actually alot longer than that--but I was unaware of it!!!)

I have--no I don't have--
my body has this issues!!!
1. Chronic fatigue
2. MCS--multiple chemical sensitivity
3. Fibromyalgia
4. high blood pressure
5. prenicious anemia 
6. not counting any more!!!!!
these 5 are enough to list--the others are minor or come with old age!!!!

But these 5 things make me often be someone I don't to be--lazy!!!!
and a shut--in a lot--
and that is why I am always sewing and quilting--
it keeps my mind off the hurts and pain and the knowing that I often--
can not do what other people can do--
yet if you looked at me--you can not see any of these disabilities!!!
and that is really the hard part--
cause everyone things you are "crazy" or you are making things up!!!

Hugs, Diane


  1. Hi Diane, I am the ledest of 4 girls with 11 years between me and the youngest. I too wish I had a family that like to be close, instead they would rather do their 'own thing', I suppose that is why I hold on to my girls and grandies so tightly. At 56 I also wish I could be more active but an injured ankle and lymphodeama tends to restrict my movement. But I still have a brain to think with, hands to sew with and friends to share life with, and blogger and blogging friends to keep me (and you) company.
    heaps of hugs

  2. It's so nice to know a little more about the friends we have in the blogging world. I am the third of 6, with my only brother being the youngest. I'm sorry to hear about the 'aches and pains' you must deal with, and I know they can be quite debilitating. I enjoy following your blog and reading your daily posts.