Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am going to spend some time this month--
or how ever long it takes to go on a little journey!!!

that is of "finding the real 'me'"!!!!

I believe sometimes that everything going on around us--
at such a fast rate of speed that it--
can change us--when we aren't even looking--
and then one day you wake up--
and you realize that--
you are lost--
at least the "real" you is lost!!

but then -- does this real you exist anymore???
would you like that "person" back????
or is there another "you" that is there--
just waiting to be discovered and then worked with--
to make "you" the very best "you" for where your life is now????
So if any one want to join me you can--
or if you just want to follow along with me on my journey--
hang on to your seat---
Hugs, Diane--
that's the first thing--
my name---
my real name is Diane--
not Di--I started using Di cause I was so new to blogging and was worried about "the world" knowing who I was--so used Di and it is less letters to type!!!!!

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