Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We all have different "roles" to preform as our lives grow and journey onward--
some of those "roles" last our life time--
others come and go--often without our "ok"!!!

First I was a "daughter" for 19 years--
and I was taught to "obey and respect" my parents --
whether they were right or wrong--
my dad did not believe in women getting any education beyond high school--
a woman's place was in the home--period--her husband did the job and brought home the pay check--period!!!

Second I was a "wife" and then a "mother" myself--
and did just as daddy said--I stayed home--
the only thing I really did during this time was to get my driver's license--finally!!!

But what happens after 7 years and your Husband doesn't want to be married any more!!
How does one raises the kids and brings home the pay check???
with no training or career goals!!!!

So Third I am a single mother---
a single working mother -- when work can be found!!!
and I play this part for years until my son is ready to move out of the house--

then you think that the Fourth step is "empty nest"--Nope--
Fourth I go right into adult parent care--
first my Mom has cancer and while she is battling that--
just one year later on the same day--
we learn my father has cancer--
so I now care for two ill parents--
Mom passes on to Glory land--
My lil sister comes to care for my Dad a year or two later as in the mean time--

job Five comes along--
shop owner and keeper--
I not only had a shop to keep up with--
but I made all my own inventory (95%)--
But at the end of five years--
my Dad has also passed on to Glory land--

and my Sixth job enters the picture!!!
and from then til now--12 years--
I have My Health leading me--
telling me what to do and when I can do something--
and what I can't do --even on good days!!!!

So you see why I know say--Who am I????
this is the first time in my life that I have felt--
free enough--brave enough--strong enough--
and have some money's to maybe do something--
but the BIG question is "what"?????

some of my thoughts for today--Feb 8th

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  1. Oh you darling soul...my heart hear's you it really does. I thought I had a load to deal with...wow you are such a great person...I am glad I found you. You give me strength to find out who I am too. Maybe it is our journey now to find out who we are.