Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What are your dreams--goals--desires???

If you where able to go some place on a vacation where would you go and why there????

If you where able to move someplace else than where you live now where would it be and why???

If you where able to buy something--what would it be and why???

Okay--now have some fun and answer these "dream" questions--
I really really want to know--
you can even email me if you don't want to leave the answers on the comment page--
and please be reasonable with your answers---
Hugs, Diane


  1. Lots of places in the US I still want to go on vacation. The Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Route 66, and on and on.
    Moving is a harder question--somewhere that does not have such extreme temperatures???? Arizona--nice and dry.
    And one day hopefully we can just get an RV and cruise around.
    Are any of those reasonable enough?

  2. To understand my answers you have to realize I am a homeschool Mom. I have 3 kids under 16. I want to visit places with Historical markers and significants. I would love to travel all over the US.

    I want to move to Montana. I love the outdoor country. And Montana has good homeschooling laws :)

    If I could buy anything right now, it would be more fabric, of course! LOL :)

  3. wow - we have very similar dreams. I would love to be a great photographer, and travel all around the country in my little camper. Now that I have friends all over the world, I'd even like to expand my horizons beyond the US. My dream place to live would be a little cottage by the beach. With a lovely sewing room and a personal library. I love books! Travel books are among my favorites. I don't need to be rich, but I'd like to be comfortable without working. Perhaps some volunteer work. Making quilts to make people happy. So there you have it! Oh - and if I could buy anything, it would probably be that little camper.