Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Guess I need to write about my dream---
I used to want to travel all over the US --
on the back roads and just stop whenever---
but that I no longer seems to be on "top" of the pile of dreams!!!!!

My main dream --
is still and has been my dream for a long long long time ---
is to use this --
and then to take all kinds of photos--
kids eating watermelons on the beach--
or an older happy person still enjoying the good life--
of 'wild life' on the range--

scenery pictures--
houses was my first love for photo worship even when I was in high school--
have always loved all the different features on houses--old ones and new ones--
though I have to say-- I think the old ones have much more interest than anything new I have seen!!!!!!
so I have been spending some time on the computer looking up camera's and equipment and workshops---and there is a ton of stuff out there--almost too many choices for this little pea brain of mine!!!!  I really like simple and a couple good choices---so OK call me 'old fashioned' I don't mine!!!!

So there you have it---
one of my dreams for real life--
and when I grow up this is what I am going to do--
you just wait and see!!!!
Hugs, me

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  1. Hope you find the perfect camera for you Di and takes heaps of lovely photos and show us on your blog.