Monday, November 7, 2011


I am going to be putting my 'yarns news' here--
and I have been busy as you all know--
with all kinds of needles and yarns--

Here is what's up for today--
In the post today I got an order in for some more new circular needles--
and a pattern and some yarn--
the pink yarn is to make that sweater with--
the green one is for ??????

I finally got a couple things blocked--
the new knitted necklace--now I can get the clasp sewed on the ends and wear it---
and the 3 purple heart blocks are for my knitting class tomorrow and will go on to a cute baby hat--then I will also be starting another baby sweater to go with the hat--!!!

I got my first pair of socks all finished--
(I had made a pair or two a couple years back--)
these are done from the top down--
and will be a Christmas gift--
also a second pair of socks--is in the 'works'!!!
these are started from the toe up--

and I am knitting baby hats again--
not sure if these will go to a hospital someplace --
or what yet--
I have another Santa hat started--
Well--I need to do some blog reading and then get to finishing my homework for a crochet class and a knitting class tomorrow--
OH and I have to go vote in the morning!!!
See ya--Hugs, Di
Opps-AND-- Miss Gracie thinks it's her play time!!!!

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  1. You have been busy! The hats are really cute and the socks are just like a pair I have just finished! :-)
    Hugs to you both.