Sunday, November 13, 2011


Remember this photo--
Well--here is where the little heart blocks went--
On this baby hat--
I am now in the process of knitting a baby sweater to go with this little hat!!!

And I knitted these up--
for our local Santa give away--
working on some more!!!

And here is my finish in the crochet class--
I thought I would 'croak' on sewing on those 'frogs'--
they were alittle tricky--and I finally managed to get my mind and my eyes and my hands--
to all come together and now looky see!!!!!
The color is off here some--the sweater part is a hot pinky color--
but those are dark purple frogs--and the trim is done in a varied purple colors--
kept looking for a green for the trim--but--
I mean aren't 'frogs' suppose to be green??????

Have fun--keep doing some kind of stitching!!
Hugs, Di and a silly cat


  1. All your little baby items are adorable!

  2. They are so cute, I have recently returned to the yarn crafts, after about 20 years absence, and am having a lot of fun discovering all the new yarns, and how they feel to work with