Thursday, January 12, 2012

DAY 12--

Today's was one where I unpicked as much as I stitched!!!!
This was the one for today to start--
I thought it was be a easy one as it is done on 14ct aida--
so I did not get the fabric ready with the lines --
so had to do that first--
then started stitching--only by the 4 or 5 colors I discovered that the colors where too close in color and where coming out next to each other==and welllllll--
it just was not to my liking--so---
out came the floss boxes and I worked for awhile repicking floss colors--
I use Cosmo's thread instead of DMC so that was part of the challenge--
I finally like the new colors and did get this far--
But I never seen a witches hat with these colors--
was sooooo tempted to just use black and a dark purple for the whole hat!!!

Smiles, Di

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