Friday, January 13, 2012

DAY 13--

We--rather I am nearly at the end of the 15 days of the crazy starts--
though I have gotten lots of new patterns that I could keep going til the 31st--
but have decided to stop on the 15th and get some of these finished first--
So today's pattern is this one--
and here is what I got done so far today--
I think for every two stitches I put in today--I took out four!!!!!
and I ended up changing some thread colors again--
but that is one of the reasons that I have enjoyed starting these--
the challenge for me will be to put down the quilting needles or to come out of the sewing room and take time to sit and work on all these 'wip's' now!!!!!

Happy stitching you'allllll--
Smiles, Di

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