Sunday, January 15, 2012

DAY 15--

Oh wow--this was Day 15--
so now the little counted cross stitch fairies come out at night and will finish these 15 started counted cross stitch projects for me--
Ahhhhh--won't she??????

Here is the 15th pattern--
actually I have a set of 4 of these--
one for each season--
and here is the start for Day 15--
The pattern uses silk threads--
they are really nice to work with!!

Well--I may still see you all tomorrow--
I have one more start I want to do right now--
am doing the 'word' pillows by "thy needle and thread"--
and finally have January's in and the fabric and all the threads--
so there is nothing stopping me, now--right?????

This has really been fun--
I had hoped though to get to met and make friends with a couple cross stitchers--
but not sure that has happened as yet==but then we have all been so busy --stitching--that?????

Smiles, Di

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