Monday, January 16, 2012

DAY 16--

I did one more Day 16's--
I would like to do these monthly designs --
but seem to be having a really hard time with this cloth--
It is 36 ct and is an uneven thread one--
It seem to take me forever to get a letter done--
I think I "frog" each stitch 2-3 times before I can get it right--
and then??????
Here is the pattern--
But is this not the cutest little pillow--
I picture them in my wooden bowl on the table or in my wood cabinet!!!

This has been alot of fun--now to finish some--
want to do this one first--
then the plan is to finish yesterdays--Merry Winter--
and then--who knows????????????
Happy stitching--
Smiles, Di


  1. Sorry about the fabric, might be worth rethinking whether to use it? Love the idea of the fairies but so far the haven't stopped by to help!

  2. sorry you are finding it hard with the fabric .... hope things improve for you soon with it :) love mouse xxxx