Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18--

I just realized that I have done some counted cross stitch every day so far this year!!!!
I don't think I have ever stitched on cross stitch this many days in a row before!!!
Here is some more progress on the Words one--
got some more of the words in and then went to the wagon--
yea--that is what that funny looking thing is over by my thimble!!!
I am doing mine in a burgundy/red color, instead of the orangy/brown color!!!
can't wait to get this in and the snowman that is in it, in!!!!

Happy stitching--
Smiles, Di
PS--I have been knitting some in the evenings--
but am working on knitting up cotton dish cloths for my gift giving tote box and to use up some of the surplus cotton yarn I have--but am getting 'itchy' to start another shawl!!!

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  1. oooo well done and I shall leave the knitting to you I am hopeless with two needles ;) love mouse xxxxx