Friday, January 20, 2012

DAY 20--

Well--this piece is multiplying  it's stitches by the day and night--
Here is where we are at at the moment--

I love all the colors so far that I have chosen--
I still have 2 words to stitch in, some trees, 3 birds and snowflakes--two of them are on the large size--
I am so glad that I joined the crazy challenge--that is the only way that I would be doing counted cross stitch projects!!!

Did get in the other 2 colors of green fabric--
the one on the far right is the one the pattern called for--
I like both of the new ones--but have no idea which one to use for this sampler--
the lighter one would probably be the right one--but is a bit 'brighter' green that I would like--
love the middle one--but I believe it would be too dark--
boy are some projects 'difficult'??????????????
Smiles :-) Di

1 comment:

  1. ooooo you have stitched loads I can see a finish very soon ..... the best way to do the which fabbie bit is to get all the threads and lay them on the fabbie and see which looks the best on there ....I call it a floss toss
    you will see which one you will be drawn to the best ... love the one it is supposed to be on too but the choice is yours in the end there is no right and wrong way :)
    let us know how you get on :)
    love mouse xxxx