Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DAY 3--

I did start today out with some hand quilting as it was my friend-Anne's day to come--
and we quilt together and I fix us some lunch--
but once she left--
I got in my 'counted cross stitch' chair and away I went--
and I 'frogged and frogged' --
took me 4 starts to get it going--
Today's pattern was Bliss by Bent creek--
and I got this much done--
I have had to change 3 of the colors though--
the one they wanted me to use for the heart--
looked the same as the  background color--not good!!
and the colors they choose for the Abc's where just --
ah--just--not to my liking--so am changing them too!!!

I really am enjoying this challenge--
but we will wait for day 15 to see if I am still saying this????

Smiles, Di

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