Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today was an easier one--
for this one you used 14 ct aida--
and that always seems to work up faster than the other counts--
so I got it half finished today--
Wasn't I a good 'girl'?????

Now for the real story--
No Miss Gracie did not do this!!!!!
The one that was actually next in my basket was this one--
and I love love this one--
even that green background--
so when I bought this pattern--I had to do alot of hunting on the Internet to find the right cloth--
when I got it out to do the basting of the center stitches, I had some trouble working on it because of the smell of the cloth--so left it out to air out--
could not sleep last night so got up and decided to start Day 4th's project--
I started with the lamb and her ear--
first the smell is still bad and (this looks, smells, and feels like burlap!!)
second--I do not  like this cloth or how the stitches are coming out--
they just look like a ball of knots--not 'x's--
so I have ordered some different fabric for this one--
just hope the color is right--

well--tomorrow we do Day 5----
Smiles, Di

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  1. Nothing worse than fabric you hate, hope the new stuff arrives SOON! Great starts!