Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6 and????

So far I have made it through Day 6 of this challenge--
I mean 'crazy' challenge!!!
this is the one for today--
And looky here--
A finish for this one toooo--
even had the right bunny button--
though I do have another bunny on order--
so will wait to see if I like that one or not????
and I am even using my bunny scissors!!!!

I also got one of these in today--
BUT--I do not like them at alllll--
don't know if there are different brands of these or what--
but this pair is not good at allllllll!!!!

And I forgot to show you what  the mail man has left me the last two days in my mail box----
Yesterday these came--
and I have lots and lots of threads--
I lack 20 colors to do these '4'?????
Today these came--
These are both kits though--so everything is there--
I may add the duck one to my crazy pile, seeing how I finished one!!!

Well--keep stitching--
Smiles, Di

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  1. Congratulations on your finish! I love all of the samplers you are stitching. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your nice comments and encouraging words about quilting.