Sunday, January 8, 2012

DAY 8---

Wow--we are half way through--
well-- that is if we are doing the "15 day" challenge!!!
I could easily do the 31 day one===but easy does it---
Today's pattern has been a challenge for awhile now--
it is one I won on a blog site a few months ago--
and I have started twice before--
that large Robin is in the center--and I always start mine in the center--
so last night before bed--
I did 'frog' the second attempt out--
then I started over-- and finally I was successful--
and I even got 3 of her babies stitched in that are learning how to take a bath!!!!

I have learned to stitch those center lines in--
and boy does it make a difference--
but --
I still do alot of 'frogging' as I go--

See ya tomorrow--
Smiles, Di

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