Monday, January 9, 2012

DAY 9--

Well we are now done with the 9th start--
I worked on this pattern today--
and here is what I managed to stitch for today--
I did have some 'problems' with this one--
not so much with the stitching as more like with the colors--
so I ended up changing 3-4 of them --more to my liking and mainly more to go with the fabric--
In doing so--
one was the face of the angel--the first one they gave me--was nearly the same color as the cloth
so that would not work--then I tried this one--
and decided that it was way toooo pinky--I love pink--but this was not going to do it here--
and then I found one called 'sand' and it seemed to the trick as you can see in the 'works' picture--
So really like this cloth--is soft and easy to work with and the pattern itself is good--could of kept going on this one!!!!

On to day 10--
Happy stitching--
Smiles, Di

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