Saturday, February 4, 2012


But hey---
what a nice quiet time to be cross stitching--
I am still having a one thread off at the top and I will be darned if I can find it--
so I did what any good cross stitcher does--I made do and went on!!!!!
The background fabric on this one is called 'pear' and is a green color!!
Well--see ya soon--
Smiles :-) :-) Di


  1. oooo that a cute one .... having just had a wee scrutinise with out my glasses on I think you are one thread out to the right of that dot for the I ...the first pink stitch looks from here one thread to high ??? might be the angle but you never know ... but fudgin is fine if it isn't hehehehe ... and the linen looks a lovely colour :) happy stitching :) love mouse xxx

  2. oooo correction sorrryyyy look at the last "S" and you have started one thread too high it doesn't line up with the ones to the side of it ..... got glasses on now love mouse xxxxx