Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have chosen this one to finish --
from the Crazy starts in January--
Pretty much just had the girl done--
so  the rest is newer--
Miss Gracie lets me rest my eyes from 11pm to about midnight--
then she insists I get up and stitch for an hour!!!!!
Crazy cat--but hey--I am getting more done and I do sleep good when I get back to bed--
so maybe "she" knows more than I do?????

I love love this one--
I have some real bird nest and some 'fake' ones,
birds in different materials and bird houses--
so feel this one will fit right in!!!
went to check on the threads to see if I needed any colors--
and discovered that it called for the Crescent Belle silks--
ouch--they are over $7.00 here a skein--
and I looked and I needed 10 colors--
I don't think so---so I ordered some tealy-blues in regular Crescent floss!!!!

Happy stitching--
Smiles :-) Di

1 comment:

  1. ooo well done on your stitching and I've got that wee chart too and I'm with you on the price ouchies go for the alternative cheaper option methinks too :) love mouse xxxxx