Monday, February 27, 2012


I started the Easter stitchery about this time last year --
it was a mystery series from the Internet--
and you know how it goes--
it got set aside before I could finish it!!!
Decided to finish it now--
In between these bunnies was a bell--
for some reason that did not go for me--
what to do??
Then I started in that open area to the right and discovered that there was one pattern missing--
what to do?????
so here is my version--

there is that 'hat' again!!!
Ohhh--this is better--
It is an Easter container/bag or how ever I want to use it to celebrate Easter!!!
And I have to have a 'dash' of blue on it--hence, I found a blue hear--
and the little bee button to finish it off with--
So one more UFO is marked off the list!!!
am back to working on one of this year's Crazy challenge starts!!!!

Smiles, Di


  1. Congrats on your finish, it looks great. Enjoy your new bag.

  2. That turned out really, really cute!! Congratulations on the finish!