Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh my--
I really struggled with this row--
not because the row was that hard--
but because I have been a bit under the weather--
with  sinus allergies!!!!
but looky here--
This got finished just before my Internet time--
so now I hope that the rest of this sampler will go faster!!
and then while my toaster oven was cooking my dinner--
I set up a thread holder!!!
I have had this little homemade ladder for a long time and have used it many ways--
but this is a first for me--
So here is a view of  my new counted cross stitch corner--
I do have a new (to me, that is!!) floor lamp coming this week end--
then I will put it behind the table and will take this lamp off--
and I will have more room to work!!!!
(the strip on the wall by the ladder is an edge to a large quilt that I made is now hanging behind my rocking chair!!!

Smiles :-) and happy stitching--
Di and her kitty

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