Monday, January 21, 2013


I got the little pink cottage stitchery done last week--
but did not get it finished off until this afternoon--
I can't believe I found this background fabric in my stash--
it is the perfect colors for the 'colors' in the stitchery!!
I found large package of large sheets for cakes that I am cutting down to size for these--the stitchery gets glued to one and the fabric to a larger one and then I glue them together!!!

And I got this stitchery finished to display today too--
stitched it last winter--
I looked and looked for a frame for this one last winter and found none--
but like how I did finish it off today--
I can also hang these on a wall if I want to!!

My new plan for 2013 is--
~~~finish - finish a ufo
~~~~then start a new one and 'finish it'!!!
So I did finish the little cottage one--
so I was able to start a new one on Sunday-

does anyone know which one this one is???????????

Smiles :-) Di


  1. oooh, love that cottage, Di. Green grass and sheep, has a spring feel to it (although I do see the apples are being picked ...)

  2. The pink cottage stitchery is wonderful. Who is the designer?