Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here is where I am at with--
I am real happy with this one and how it is coming along--
there was alot of green stitching on this one-
and I do not know if I will add the words 'Cherry Hill'--????
if I do I will just  backstitch them in!!!
this was my stitching for Day 2--
Now Day 3--today'--
has truly done me in!!!
I love this pattern --
but it 'hates-hates' me!!!
Here is where I left off last year on a one day stitching--
Then late last night I got to here on it--
It is a mess--someone can't see the threads  nor can she count--
decide the fabric count was just too small for me --
so went to this--
Was doing much much better as far as the stitching goes--
but did not have the 'look' or feel, about it that I liked????
so went back to the first piece and frogged to this point--
as I knew that last year I was coming right out correctly (after a couple tries)
and I did continue to come out right--for awhile--
but there is a couple mistakes in the new stitching--

I do not think they will make a difference--but--
the big big question now is--
do I want to keep going--
OR do I want to just say---????????
and pick out something to do?????

Have you ever had a piece that no matter how hard to tried to do it right
that it just kept coming up wrong??????
and what did you do about it??????

Smiles :-) (maybe not today!!!) Di


  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! And they sit is a pile and I never return. At least you are giving it a good second effort. Work on something else for a little while and then go back.

  2. oy yes! A beautuful summery pattern that combines crosstitch and Hardanger. I always come out one thread wrong!! How is it possible???
    I hate it! So it lives at the bottom of a drawer, until ......

  3. Beautiful cross stitch work Try something big and more colourful as it gives lot of satisfaction to see a completed work