Sunday, February 3, 2013


I started this piece a couple weeks ago--
and you see this white part???
it is an apron--
and this 'apron' has been taken out and restitched a 'few' times--
Oh my goodness what fun that has been---
first had trouble with one row being thick high up stitches--the next row would be thin flat stitches!!
finally got down near the hem part and was off the stitch count--
so the hem border stitches did not come out correctly--
I worked allllll day--
yep allll day on this apron--
and I do believe it is now in with the correct number of stitches--
and somewhat evenly stitched---
what I won't tell you is how many more 'grey' hairs I have--
and how this almost got thrown in the trash!!!!

Happy stitching--
Smile :-) Di

1 comment:

  1. Well, I think it looks gorgeous and I won't count gray hairs if you won't!