Wednesday, May 15, 2013


With some new plants for inside--
and they are now into 'their' new homes--
so lets  take a tour--
Cactus garden #1

with some 'whimsy' added--
found the castle in with the fish tank supplies at Walmart!!!
I had the other figures in my stash!!!
Cactus garden #2
the 'Believe' is painted on a shell that I got at the Cracker Barrel 2 weeks ago--
Had the teal bowl and plate--white pitcher is fairly new!!
Just a fern type garden that was fun to plan--
did go out to my outside garden and brought in the voila plant--
and the blue stones are a stream in the garden-
the 3 rocks --2 are ones that I have collected long time ago--
and that round greyish one was one my Mom had--and I have hung on to all these years!!!
This one is new--even the pot--
it holds a lemon fern!!!
and sits next to me by the rocker--
this one is a plant that I repotted and it hangs on the wall here by the computer--
and here is the 2 violet plants --
but we now have a begonia plant in between them and they are now all planted into the planter!!
and that darn frog is still trying to climb into the flower pot!!!

I had alot of fun playing in the dirt today--
Smiles, Di and miss gracie


  1. What sweet fairy gardens you have made up Di! Just wonderful. You will enjoy your indoor gardens I am sure!

  2. Cute gardens! I love the one with the castle :-)