Monday, June 30, 2014


Can you believe that it is the first of July?????
and now we will be on the downhill spiral for the holidays--
once again--
So I guess this month it should be something to do with one of the holidays coming up!!!
So here is the plan--
do a project for Christmas that you want   for yourself--
and have not gotten to it, yet!!!!

This is to be mine--
This is a tall Christmas tree-
it is paper pieced--
Last year my quilt shop had one in the window and everytime I stopped in,
I wanted to make one-
finally bought the pattern and this was to be January's project--
it is now July --
so it's time to stop and just make it--!!!
now to finds all the green fabrics I need--
hope I have them in my stash???????

What will be your project???
Remember this is something for you and your home--
we work on the gift stuff all them time!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. ohhh what a pretty blog...and here it is July and i too am already thinking the tree

  2. Finishing my 'Hop To It' all for myself would be a good goal for me....just need to get a few other gifties for others done first - sigh!!!