Saturday, December 27, 2014


Here is some presents from some of my friends--
These goodies are from Anne--
I loved this quilt when she came a while back to stitch the binding down--
I am still just a kid inside!!!
Also got a petsmart gift card and one for a local grocery store--
a bag of my mint truffles and 2 dark chocolate bars!!!!

and I got an 'angel' for Christmas--and--I need one!!
and a fabric tote bag with gingerbreads on it--
this is from my Nascar friend and housekeeper here for the apartments--
now if I could just get her to come into the apartment and clean?????

and these are from a pen pal --
Cindy and have written back and forth now for several years--
(she does not do internet)
and those plaid napkins came in handy for my Chmas dinner!!!

And we can't leave out Miss Gracie--
who loved playing in the pile of papers--
from a kitty friend down the hall she got a bag of treats and 4 small cans of her moist cat food!!!
so she was a happy camper too!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie

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