Thursday, January 15, 2015


My challenge for my own organization is now done--
and 'yes' it took me longer than I planned--
but redecorating projects always seem to take me longer--
Here is the new cleaned out look of my small--
very small closet--
This little closet holds all my fabric stash, my yarn stash, all my knitting items and books--
batting, and my laundry--I have 2 mesh half circle bags that hang on the wall  and hold my dirty clothes--one is for colored and one is for whites, that way when I go do the laundry--it is already sorted for me--but really large items like sheets don't fit--so they are folded and set on the floor!!

Here is the new 8 drawer cabinet--the top 2 drawers will hold patterns for his years bom's--
the other ones hold small patterns divided by season or subject--
and now there is 3 plastic drawer cabinets under the cutting table instead of 2--
the new one holds my felt/wool fabrics--though I did end up with a small tote of the larger pieces and it is in the small closet I just showed you--
and while I was at it--I ironed and hung up different curtains behind the cutting table and rehung up my cross stitch on the wall over the window--
and I like it much much better--
and as I showed on this small wire rack I put the smaller baskets of my the smaller pieces of fabric that I have divided by color on to the shelves with the larger quilt books and found this valance to cover them--looks springy and refreshing--

Now to get some work done--
have lots of embroidery designs I need to transfer onto fabric to stitch--
how is your challenge coming along???
I do see that some of you are working on it--
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. ooo well done you and spotted your singer table .... you've seen my up to date mess (packing it may look better than that soon (paws crossed ) love mouse xxxxx

  2. You're making very good progress! My project hasn't advance much the past few days, and I accidentally bought some new fabric today. Oops!

  3. It looks so good and ready for sewing. I folded some fabric and worked on a shelf yesterday. I need to cut some little dollie outfits out today. Sweet hugs!