Thursday, January 1, 2015


that where done in 2014--
2 more counted cross stitches--
A couple years ago I joined a sal and we had to start 10 or so stitcheries--
one each day for the first 10 days in January--
these are some that I started then--
this one only had a row done on it--
Pattern is--
French Country-ABC's by JBW designs--
and was done on 28 count I believe--
I am really happy to say that this one is also finished--
only had the second Zip done--
and I got the last of the stitches in it about 11:30pm on Dec 31st--
almost didn't make it--
this pattern is-
Zippity Do Da by La-D-Da designs--
and was done with one strand of silk thread on 35ct linen--
I am now nearly blind!!!!!!

And just before the new year came in--
miss gracie and I took down the tree and packed it away--
had worked on the rest of the decorations during the day--
this is a new tradition for me--usually it is done on New Years day!!

Happy stitching in 2015--
Smiles--di and miss gracie

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