Saturday, January 17, 2015


I got another counted cross stitch completed--
This one is now all stitched--
Please note the cute button that came with the chart that goes on the bunnies tail!!!
I did change the color of the scarf--I am not a big fan of most greens--so chose to do teals instead!!!
And I think I got this one started and finished in about a weeks time--!!!!!!

And I started a new one this morning-
This one uses silk thread--and even though it cost over $50 for the colors needed--
I did order them--hey--I would spent that much on fabric or yarn if the mood hit me--
and I really really love this cross stitch and the colors they used--so--
I bought the threads--they are really beautiful to work with--
and I did get this much done this morning after breakfast--
it is part of the house above the first row of windows and the door and I am stitching it right to left--
I always start my cross stitch with the center stitch and that was on the house--
so we will build us a house first!!!!

Are you keeping warm????
what are you working on?????
smiles, diandmissgracie

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