Monday, January 26, 2015


And time for a Prize--
to arrive in your mail box---
for January's challenge--
So I need to know WHO got some organizing done this month and what you did!!!
You know that I got mine done-
and I know that alot of you where doing some kind of organizing this month--
maybe you did not get it all done--
but got a good start at what you wanted to do--
so leave me a comment--

Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. well you have seen mine ... I am reorganizing my craft room to a brand new house and also decorating said house and down grading here at the same time Phew ..... lol love mouse xxxx

  2. I organized my card making supplies today. Last weekend we organized all of our movies. I love using the winter months to get my house in better order. Thanks my friend! Hugs, Diane

  3. I made a start on my sewing room... got three boxes of "stuff" organized into better places, also put a few ufos in a drawer to mark as "current" to work on and finish.... do you need photos and a blog post? xxx

  4. Oh sorry, that was last week when I did that, in Jan still :)