Saturday, January 10, 2015


the challenge

 and now I have a mess in the 2 other rooms!!!!
I did get this put together yesterday--
went together really easy--thank you!!!
the tall white thing is an air purtiering machine--
and this thing needed it--
those drawers are plastic and plastic always has a bad chemical smell!!!

Glad to hear that some are working on an organization project--
remember  this does not have to be a big job--
just any job that you think might make your sewing or crafting go more smoothly!!

Smiles from a cold New Yorker--di and miss gracie


  1. Glad to hear you're still organizing away. I hope those plastic drawers don't make you sick. I had a sewing day with my SIL and a friend, and they took some of my scraps, and helped organize the left. Yippee!!

  2. Thanks for the challenge!! I have my dining room / sewing room back in order and my material all organized in totes according to size of material...sure makes looking for something for a project much easier. My scrap room is (only for card/scrap booking )is back in order as of yesterday..Everything pretty much has a spot but doesn't always get back to that spot!! Why do I make such a disaster when I work on a project???? Glad I have a spare bedroom upstairs to keep what I'm not working on.I also knit so yarn galore! My goal for this year is to clean up one mess before starting another project. Even tho I have several projects going at one time my goal is to NOT have the mess of all the projects all over the place at the same time all the time...Does this make sense to you ? lol Good luck to you on your trek, also.