Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I got a total of 7 baby sweaters knitted and 6 hats for the sweaters--
and walked them over to the yarn shop for them to give to a charity--
and I have another sweater started--
the yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is 100% cotton from Turkey--
was just under $4 a skein--
at the Yarn shop they had just gotten some new baby yarn in from Turkey and it is 100% cotton, but is over $8 a skein, but she gave me a skein to knit a sweater up in it to see if I liked working with it--
I got me some work to do as I have to finish the one on the needles first!!!!
smiles diandmissgracie

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  1. Oh so cute!!! You're so multi-talented, and so generous. I need to stay far away from that stop sign!!