Monday, July 6, 2015


I decided in looking at what stuff I had decided I had to keep--
that it was still tooooo much--
so spent the holiday week end resorting and adding to the 'get rid' of pile--
and ended up mostly in the walk in closet where my fabric and craft things are kept--
look at this pile--
there is alot of fabric here-
but then I did have a thought--
and for once it was 'before' I was sorry--
I remembered all the quilt tops that I had yet to hand quilt that would need backing--
and that backing was probably here in this pile--so I spent part of Sunday going through my quilt tops and measuring them and going back though this pile to find their backings--
so now unless I need to purchase wider backings I have them all matched up--
good for me!!!!
and boy is my friend Anne going to have fun tomorrow going through all these to see what she can use in her hospice quilts she makes!!!


  1. Anne is so lucky! I hope she found some treasures. I was going to give away some fat quarters recently, and then thought they would make good backings for some of my place mats!! I'm glad I had that thought before they left the house. Cute cat traps!!

  2. I hope you're keeping your little pink baskets so you can refill them once you're moved and settled in your new place. And I would have taken those two little stools if you're getting rid of them. Now I HAVE to come back. LOL!