Sunday, November 22, 2015


We had enough rain yesterday that our pond is back--
and along with the pond came some ducks and birds--
these are taken from my bedroom window on the 3rd floor--
but I did go outside for a couple later and got some neat water drop ones--
and then this morning God woke me up to see these and get a couple photos--
If you enlarge this photo you will see that the 2 white birds are very different--
I did not notice it until I had downloaded the photos and was going though them--
I love that about photography--it is after you view the photo and you can see things in them that you did not know you had captured!!!
and here you can see how close I am to the road and the river!!
It is clearing here and the sun is popping in and out--the storms have moved South--but--that is were the last big race of the season is--Miami--so we may not be racing today!!
Have a great day-
smiles, di
I love you Mom--


  1. With the river and the ocean so close, I wouldn't think you would need a pond, too! LOL! The white bird on the far right is an egret. What are the others? Some kind of cranes? Did I mention that DH wants to go to Florida again this winter? You're not far from the restaurant that we will want to visit if we pass through your lovely city.

  2. p.s. Love your water drop pics!!

  3. Nice to be able to take some nice photos of the pond and birds