Thursday, May 26, 2016


Camera around my neck every time I leave the apartment to go walking or down on the dock--
cause it causes one to really look around ones environment--
you are always on the hunt as to what is different today and what will make a great photo to share with others--
above is prove--this was not there a couple days before or was too small to notice--
it is huge mushroom growing from an old tree trunk--it has lots of vines and sticks in front of it--
and that is what the shadows are--
a very large dragon fly--
a bright red cardinal sharing some of the squirrels food!!!
a US Navy blimp traveling down the center of the river--
Mrs Rocky moving her babies from one hiding nest to another!!
and some kind of pink flowers down the shore line!!
What have you noticed that is different lately????
love and laughter, di

1 comment:

  1. Nice shots! When we were hiking in the Smokies last month, some people were coming up behind me very quickly, so I stepped aside to let them pass. I looked down and saw the biggest mushroom I've ever seen! I was so glad I pulled over to the slow lane. LOL!