Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When it comes to raccoons???
We have been feeding one down at the dock in the woods for a while now--
but a couple days ago--
I made the discovery of a second adult one--
so here is Rocky 1--
and here is Rocky 2--
they both like sunflower seeds and peanuts--
that is what I feed them--
another tenant feeds them bread and food scraps!!
still no new siting of the babies!!

a view of the river from down the street--
seen the full arch of a rainbow the other night from the bedroom window--
and here is pair of 'Boat tailed Grackles'  the black one is larger and is the male and his head and upper body are shades of turquoise--really pretty--
the brown one is a female and much smaller--
and yes they like peanuts too!!
love and laughter, di


  1. Beautiful rainbow! I hope you're keeping a safe distance from your raccoon friends. But wouldn't it be fun to see babies??

  2. Lovely photos of the raccoons, rainbows and birds....

  3. just catching up and wow gorgeous photos of the wildlife and where you live ... yes having a camera makes you notice things you wouldn't ordinarily spot otherwise .... love mouse xxxxx