Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I tell everyone now that my camera is my 'dog'--
and I have to take it for a walk everyday--
and everyone sees me walking out the door around 11am
each day with it around my neck--
so here is some highlights from those walks--
this butterfly knew I wanted to take it's photo so it stopped and spread his wings and let me 'snap' away!! I was sure to say ' thank you' as I left !!
Purple flowers in the hedges around the building--
Horseshoe crab in the water at the shore down at the dock--
it was picking up something in the sand and eating it--fun to watch--
Two birds keeping an eye on me while at the dock--
they are wondering if they came down and look sad --
would they get me to give them a peanut!!
and my favorite one lately--over the week end I saw Lurch catch and eat 2 sting-rays!!
that was a surprise for me--
wonder what the camera will catch the next trip out???
Oh and I caught this photo inside the other night around midnight--
the moon giving the river a path of golden light--
do have trouble taking nightime photos--and the color is off--it was really more of a orange moon and a orange path!! loved seeing it--
love and laughter, di


  1. I love Lurch! That butterfly was very nice tohang out while you were getting pics. Usually they flit off at the sight of a camera. Keep the pictures coming.....

  2. You do have plenty to look at on your walks :)