Tuesday, August 23, 2016


on my trips outside lately--
Like today--I got to photograph 2 different kinds of flying creatures--
that I probably would not have even noticed if I was not into photography--
first was this Bee--on a sunflower--

I was just taking photos of this sunflower out back--
when it has a visitor--
Look closely--
it is bright green and blue--
sure looks nothing like the bees we had in NY--

And coming back across the street from being down on the dock--
I spotted a butterfly--
so I went chasing it across the grass--
And talking about butterflies--
when I am down sitting on the dock and looking up towards the road and where I feed the birds and squirrels, I have noticed that there is always white and yellow butterflies flying though--but they never spot for me take a photo--
until yesterday-

And in the water, down to the dock,  this week I got to photograph
a Florida Blue crab--
Actually there was a couple of them playing around and chasing each other!!

Thanks for letting me share some of photos with you--
love and laughter, di

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  1. Don't you just love nature! We've had some cool bees on our sunflowers this year, but I haven't seen your variety. Pretty!