Saturday, September 17, 2016


As I walked down the pier this morning--
to the dock area--I could not believe my eyes--
cause directly out from the dock was a group of dolphins playing--
there was 4-5 in this group and they were having a ball out there--
and if you have ever tried to take photos of dolphins on the water--
you know that they are very hard to get good photos of them--
they are very fast moving creatures and don't come above the water often--
 but for the most part I was happy with today's photos--
after several photos--(about 150 shots)
I got my other critters fed their sunflower seeds and sat on the dock and knitted a while--
now when I went out there--
there was the usual fluffy cloud here and there--
but all of sudden sitting there knitting--
I felt sprinkles--yet when I looked around all I could see was blue sky--
then it began to rain--
yep--the rain cloud was directly over the dock--luckily the dock is covered and I always have a plastic bag with me to cover  the camera--and these kind of storms down here--
 don't last but a few minutes--
Love and Laughter, di


  1. I would love driving across the causeway simply for the view of the water, but I love to gaze for fins. Finding a pod skimming across the bay makes my day.