Sunday, October 16, 2016


My camera likes to take photos of kids--
and it did find some 'cuties' at the Aquarium--
my camera spotted these 2 as we were standing in line--

one girl is posing in front of a glass tank--the other one is too busy watching some fish--

In the first photo the gal is doing all kinds of pose's for her dad--then along came her mother with her sister!!
I just fell in love with little guy--I do believe his parents have taught him not to touch things and that is why he kept his hands behind his back--

and as we were leaving the Aquarium there was a nice area outside with flowers and such and this little guy was having a ball with his new bubble gun!!!

Then on the way home on Sunday--
we stopped in a McDonalds for DD's coffee and I seen this gal--
And I fell in love with her hair--
she was very friendly and we talked about her hair for a bit--
she said her Mom does all the corkscrew curls--
this is all her own hair--no fillers or extensions--
I wonder how long her hair is 'before' her mom starts curling it????
love and laughter, di

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