Thursday, December 22, 2016


This chair and flower garden is right outside the front entrance here-
when I moved in there was some tall kind of 'once in awhile' flower that flowered--
they tore them all out and a tenant,
 Rich took over planting and doing the flowers here--
they are all in pots--so can be moved around--he adds and takes away
 when ever he finds something new and different that he likes!!

Here a view of another garden that Carol does--and is at the end of the parking lot, near where the visitors parking is--I took this photo from my bedroom window--
This is a close up of one of her pots of flowers--
And another pot--

And this garden is done by Nancy--she even decorated her's for Christmas--
she grows flowers and vegetables in her garden--

So there you have it--
our 3 gardeners here--all tenants--all seniors!!

Russell and I nurture 'our' garden down on the docks-
and our garden breathe's and eat even--
Like here is Rocky III--looking for us to toss him some more peanuts--
Russell--feeding one of our squirrels peanuts--
Mr. Cardinal checking to see if Di put out some sunflower seeds today on the railings!!

Happy Holidays from all of Nature--
love and laughter, di


  1. What?!? No snow? We don't have any either, but it's too cold for flowers. I LOVE that red chair!!