Sunday, December 11, 2016


A few days ago we had some action out front here--
there where all kinds of men around and trucks--
my Dad would of loved to have been here--
he loved watching this kind of thing!!
I think they are 'drawing' straws to see who gets what job--
or the 'Big' job--
who is going to get to set this big boy up--????
This new pole is solid concrete--
and tall--very very tall--
then they had to 'draw straws' as to who was going to be here--
and help 'guide' that tall tall--solid concrete pole into the ground--
and while these '3' men where doing all this--
what was the others doing?????
Just sittin around watching and saying a prayer of thanks that they did not get the short straw!!!

Here is a photo of the old pole next to the new one--
They have been replacing these poles all along this road since--
now that small pole is large init's self--and you can see how much larger and taller the new one is!!

love and laughter, di


  1. Wow, that's big! Like the running commentary on the job 😊
    DI, did you get my email? If not, pls send your e-mail address to me 😳

  2. aw, your bear and chipmunk gave me a smile