Tuesday, January 24, 2017


After being in the building for nearly 3 days straight--
I was able to go down to the dock, today--
the air was a bit chilly--
but once on the dock that sunshine was very bright and very warm--
Look at all those 'diamonds' on the top of the river--
gonna go gather me some!!!

First I noticed some animal tracks in the sand under the ramp-
more that likely Mr Raccoon--
then I noticed, rather heard, Mr O up in his tree-
But look at this pine tree--
how sadddd--
it is dying--alot of the pines around here have some kind of disease and they are or have died--
I hate that that is happening!!!
then I seen a line up--
of shells along the shore line--under the water--
and a large feather was floating by too--
a dark feather even--usually I see all white ones!!
and tri colored heron flew off from the shore line--
a bit later--Mr C shows up--
and he is demanding--
he wants me to be sure that 'I' photograph his good side!!!
and if you look closely you will 'see' he is 'eyeing' me!!!
and of course we always have one of these characters--
in center stage--

wanting to show of his talents!!!!

and yes I did work on my 'tan'--
and I did get some knitting done while down there!!!

Enjoy the moments--di

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