Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Every day I look out and see this bird sitting on a wire line--

Can you see him--there on the wire in the tree area???
Well--the other day--later in the day when I looked out--
I saw him again and I thought--
boy does he like to sit up there or what??
wonder what kind of bird he is--
so I get the camera out with the long lens--
and this is 'what' I sees!!!
Ahh--no bird at all--
just a skinny branch with a group of leaves at the end of it--
Had a good laugh at myself--that is for sure--

Yesterday when I looked out the window--
I seen this vehicle in the parking lot--
Now what is that on covering that tire???
Could it really be---
a a a T-shirt????
Yep--it's a t-shirt--
wonder if the tire was cold?????

Enjoy the moment--di

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